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Dezbaterile BTMUN în Laurian

Like hundreds of similar events around the world, Botoşani Model United Nations is a simulation of some of the proceedings of the real United Nations, where students take on the role of various countries’ ambassadors or delegates to the United Nations.
Participants will represent one country and will work in one of the four committees for the duration of the conference, debating and voting for resolutions on each of the topics. On the last day, all delegates will convene in the General Assembly to debate together on the best resolutions passed in their committees.

On the first day, students deliver their one-minute opening speeches to make their position on the topics heard and to be remarked by others in view of the negotiations to come. During the conference, delegates negotiate to gather support for their solutions and put together resolutions for each of the topics on the agenda. While discussing a certain resolution, its sponsors and other delegates will have the opportunity to give one or two minute speeches both for and against, to propose and support amendments and to request the use of certain parliamentary procedures like moving into open debate (where there is no strictly equal time given to for and against speeches), going into caucus (a break for informal consultation) and others.


The debates follow the parliamentary procedures that are actually observed in the real United Nations, in order to create an environment of respect where supported arguments and the truth can prevail. Since they represent governments and their countries, so the whole debate is not about them as individuals, delegates do not speak in the first person (“I believe…”) and do not address others directly using the second person (“Why do you say…?”). Instead, delegates debate through the chair of their committee, referring to other delegates in the third person (“Romania believes…”, “Why does Romania oppose…”, “Can the delegate of Romania explain…?”)

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Personal success in an event like Botoşani Model United Nations depends on one’s debating skills, fluency in English (although mistakes will not be penalized or ridiculed) and ability to negotiate, cooperate and respectfully lead a coalition of delegates.


Participants are encouraged to study the BTMUN handbook available in the Resources section and to carefully research their topics before the conference, since the practicality and efficiency of the solutions submitted will be thoroughly questioned by other delegates during debates.


bt mun

BTMUN Advisor : prof. dr. Ovidiu Aniculaese

BTMUN Secretary General: Diana Alupoaie

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