Laurianul nu e un liceu, e o familie!

Elevii din Laurian participă la Model United Nations (Iași, 2011)

O echipa numeroasa (21 elevi) din Laurian (coord.  prof. Aniculaese Ovidiu) a participat pe 17-19 nov. la o noua editie Model United Nations, de la Iași. Este o conferinta organizata de cativa ani in care elevi din mai multe judete dezbat in comisii, dupa modelul Natriunilor Unite, chestiuni importante. Detalii pe blogul engleza.

Iasi Model United Nations is a conference which was attended successfully by some students from A.T.Laurian National College.At this conference, students were supposed to meet each other, discuss world problems, build awareness and inspire each other to work for  a better tomorrow.The competition was very formal, students talked about themselves in the third person as delegates of a certain country and they also wore formal clothes.

Iasi Model United Nations (Iasi MUN) is an incredible experience because the students discussed global problems, in their committees.Nuclear power plants,biofuels,the Jasmine Revolution,organ donation and the global job crisis are some of the issues that were discussed at Iasi MUN and the students tried to find out which arguments might be accepted by UNO.

The conference began with the opening speeches from both chairpersons and delegates in order to form a global picture of the topics to be discussed.After that,the delegates worked together during the caucus to write the resolutions.Participants were waiting for the moment to present their resolutions and to convince other delegates that their resolution for a specific global problem was the most reliable and could be sustained in the country they represented.They discovered new opportunities and faced new challenges to speak up , to sustain their ideas and to try to make a better world for us to live in.They had to take votes so that their resolution would be voted.

Some of the participants had very interesting solutions for the proposed topics “Let’s act like humans and try to get along!” or  “We can cook gogs.People have the right to eat”.

This experience helped us to get used to speaking in public  and to organising our thoughts before making statements .I encourage all those who want to share their ideas and to defend them in front of others to participate in this sort of conferences in order to demonstrate their capacity to find revolutionary solutions to world issues.

As Oscar Wilde said “You know more than you think you know just as you know less than you want to know”.

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